Welcome to FAJAR-IHSAN




 To Make FAJAR-IHSAN as a productive and best,  indeed distribution and services company, and capable to enhance quality, achievement for commitment in team work between both private and government costumers.

 To ensure that FAJAR-IHSAN has higher professional standard, integrated and capability in Journal, Literal and Book industry for domestic and international player.

 To ensure that FAJAR-IHSAN commited to innovation and transfer of new adminstration technology and management advantage in that its level for efficiency in its operations.

 To ensure that FAJAR-IHSAN offer higher quality and quantity to its product dan distribution services at reason competitive rates for demand market in decencies business for local and global effort.

 To ensure that FAJAR-IHSAN provide a good team work condition and harmony environment within and from private, institutions. and government.

 To ensur that FAJA-IHSAN will be a good citizen and responsible what can services and distribution its product for domestic and international effort.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 29 December 2013 )